Silk Bedding

The beauty of silk has remained a precious product of nature throughout the ages. According to legend, silk was discoverd thousands of years ago (27th century bc) by the Chinese Empress Si Ling Chi. And for thousands of years following the discovery, the processing and weaving of silk was a closely held secret known only to the Chinese.

Among silk's many attributes:

  • breathable
  • naturally hypoallergenic
  • absorbs moisture
  • reduces humidity
  • cool in the summer, warm in the winter
  • retains its shape and drapes well
  • resistant to creasing and tearing
  • and of course, its unmistakable sheen and soft hand

Linenplace offers luxury silk bedding made in Germany by Plauener Spinnhütte GmbH. Plauener Spinnhütte's factory integrates all 12 production steps, from the silk yarn production to the sewing of the finished product. They guarantee the quality you expect of "made in Germany". Their silk fabrics are certified to comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, i.e. so carefully finished and kind to the skin that they are suitable for baby clothing. The company has been certified under ISO-9001.

Caring for Silk Bedding

Silk is a very delicate and precious gift of nature and deserves to be treated with great care, like cashmere and angora. Silk should be washed only at 30º C (86º F) with mild detergent. Spin-drying should be avoided, line drying is preferred to maintian the original beauty of your silk bedding items. We also recommend to wash silk inside out, or to use a washing net, to avoid damages to the texture by scratches on the drum of your washing machine.

For easier care, all silk bedding offered at Linenplace uses a crease-resistant finish. This finish also guarantees a long product life, and your long-lasting enjoyment of your purchase. If you would like to iron your silk bedding make sure the silk is slightly moist when being ironed, and only use the silk setting on your iron. The temperature cannot exceed 110º C or else the silk cann be damaged.

Silk bedding products should not be exposed to full sunlight for airing. Like our skin, silk is sensitive to UV radiation and may suffer a "sunburn" through continuous exposure.