Terry Robes Terry cloth was introduced to the Western world about 150 years ago. Prior to that, towels and robes were made of linen or cotton in a flat weave. Terry cloth is a looped pile fabric whose origin is thought to be Turkey. Samples were brought to Europe in the mid 19th century and copied. Terry cloth became very popular thanks to its exceptional absorbency and softness. Our Frette robes are both made with terry cloth. The classic robe is regular terry (loops) inside and out. The Frette robe with black piping is sheared terry on the outside and regular terry on the inside. Sheared terry is achieved by shearing the top of the loops off and brushing the fabric, this creates a super soft velour-like surface. While sheared terry is incredibly soft, it is not as absorbent as regular terry because the most absorbent part of terry cloth is the end of the loop.