Pillow Sham It may surprise you, but a lot of people call us asking what a sham is! No problem - for bedding novices, here is our definition of a sham. A pillow sham is typically part of your top-of-the-bed bedding ensemble, meaning they match your duvet cover or coverlet. Similar to pillowcases, pillow shams cover your pillows. Most people do not sleep on their pillow shams though, they normally go on the "extra" pillows on the bed. It's pretty normal to have 2 sleeping pillows with pillowcases and 2 extra pillows with pillow shams on your bed. Pillow shams also differ from pillowcases in that they most often have a decorative flange around all 4 sides and open in the middle of the back. Pillow shams may be made out of the same fabric as sheets (as with our Soprano, Duet and Lyric shams), or may be made out of a more substantial fabric like matelasse (like Vienna) or a quilted fabric (like Duet Quilted). Whether you're looking for shams as part of an ensemble, or you're looking for a unique piece to dress up your existing bedding, we have shams in different sizes (standard, king, euro, boudoir, etc.), styles and colors to fit your needs. Our Rio Linen Coordinates by Peacock Alley come are designed to compliment almost all of their other styles, and they come in succulent colors like kumquat, butter and spice.