Egyptian Percale Egyptian cotton percale bedding coordinates are to many, the ideal in bedding. Percale weave is the most classic weave that in more recent years has been overtaken in popularity by sateen weave. If you think back to sleeping at your Gramma's or Mom's house, then you were probably sleeping on percale. It is a plain weave (one up, one under) as opposed to a sateen weave in which several threads (like four up, one under) are woven to be on the surface making the smooth, slight sheen surface characteristic of sateen fabrics. Percales have a more matte look. Among our Egyptian cotton percales are Lyric, Frette Hotel Collection and Cabana. Lyric is an exceptional percale at 500 thread count and Italian-made. It has a super fine, soft hand that is truly luxurious. It's our buyers favorite sheet - - and she's tried everything!!