Oversized Comforters Nearly all of our comforters (also known as duvets) are available in oversized queen and king sizes. Oversized queen measures 90 by 94 inches compared to a normal full/queen size of 86 by 86 inches. Oversized king measures 108 by 94 inches compared to a normal king size of 104 by 86 inches. These provide an extra 8 inches of length and 2 inches of drop on each side compared to the standard sizing. Even the Allusion Hypoallergenic down-alternative duvet comes in both queen and king over-sizes. For those needing even larger sizes, we've got you covered with our Morning Glory II comforter that comes in super king (110 by 110 inches) and supreme king (120 by 120 inches)! And since all of our duvets have fill powers of 575 and higher (see our page about down bedding), they're remarkably light AND warm - so you'll want enough comforter to go around.