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Welcoming Pom Pom at Home to Linenplace

We are incredibly please to be offering the gorgeous and casually-chic Pom Pom at Home bedding and bath line!


Here’s a little about them:
“As natives of Belgium, we naturally have a passion for everything “linen,” resulting in a crib and adult bedding line made of 100% linen. Our lines are versatile; with delicate embroidery, crushed velvet and hand-crocheted lace on the finest and softest linen. Pom Pom at Home embodies a “lived in” elegant look that is still relaxed and casual. This is the main inspiration to this unique collection which transforms everyday experiences into a sheer delight. We have also recognized that we live in a time where we are globally conscious of how our daily actions affect our environment. What better way to start and end your day than by having our linens as a reminder of how you did your part. Our 100% certified organic linens are made from the purest of flax fibers. The combination of luxury and environmental sustainability has never been so comfortable. Pom Pom at Home embraces the essence of life’s enjoyment. Its products evoke a sense of romantic glamour, peaceful memories, gentleness and freshness. Whether it is Pom Pom at Home’s fine linens, accessories or fragrances, all are made with the highest quality and attention to detail, always with a passion for beauty! Our vision is that each of our products will fill you with delight and bring you that little touch of luxury that makes life more pleasurable.”

shown above: Pom Pom at Home Allegra Linen bedding paired with Malibu wool blend throw blanket and sham

Here at Linenplace, we’re crazy about 100% linen, so we couldn’t be more happy about offering their linen sheets, duvet covers, bedskirts. We also offer Pom Pom’s comfy wool blend  throw blankets and decorative shams! Their cotton shower curtains will add just the right amount of feminine elegance to your bathroom (but not too much that your husband or boyfriend will protest, LOL!)

Architecture: La Maison de Verre

From time to time, we’re going to do posts on architecture that we love.  So today, we thought we’d start with La Maison de Verre in Paris.  Verre means glass in French… which I’m sure you could guess anyway by the glass block facade!  This was a private home built for a French doctor completed in 1932. It’s a great example of early modern style.

photo credit: New York Times, François Halard

The design was a collaboration by Pierre Chareau (a furniture and interiors designer), Bernard Bijvoet (a Dutch architect) and Louis Dalbet (a craftsman metalworker).  It is made of steel and glass blocks.  Amazing for the time!  It is located at 31 Rue Saint-Guillaume in the 7th arrondissement. You would never guess it’s there because it is hidden behind a typical looking street facade that leads to a courtyard where the Maison is.  You can read more about La Maison de Verre here and here.

Things We Love: Diptyque Feu de Bois

In NYC most of us don’t have fireplaces at home, so the best we can do on a snowy cold night (like last night) is put on a fireplace dvd and light up some candles.  The best candle when you’re missing a fireplace is the Diptyque Feu de Bois candle!  Scent: Wood Fire “The warm, familiar, sophisticated accord of rare woods throughout the long winter days”.

photo credit: Diptyque Paris

At $60 for the standard size candle, these are certainly expensive candles but the quality is commensurately high as well.  Each candle burns approx. 50 – 60 hours. They are made with a high quality vegetable/paraffin wax mix and cotton, lead-free wicks.  And, of course they are made in France.  I also love the fact that they sell a candle lid ($22).  One of my biggest pet peeves is dusty candle wax (have you ever tried to clean this? Urg, not fun.), so a cover takes care of that problem!  The cover also apparently helps preserve the candle’s aroma.