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That’s a wrap…

Gift giving season is finally here! We have spent countless hours finding all the best gifts for the special people in our lives and can’t wait to give them out. But first, we need to think about gift wrapping.

Do you have a puzzle with a few missing pieces? Why not repurpose the leftover pieces and create personalized holiday greetings and names tags.

Puzzle Pieces
photo credit: Good Housekeeping

Create festive snowflake and snowman designs by dipping the end of a pencil onto some construction paper. You can create a few small designs or one large design.

Snowflakes and Snowman
photo credit: HGTV

For a 3D effect, layer some leftover cupcake cups from your pantry and create fun and colorful paper carnations.

Cupcake Paper Carnations
photo credit: Martha Stewart

And that’s a wrap…Linenplace wishes you a safe and joyous Holiday Season!!!







Dressing up the home for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the official start of the Holiday Season where you spend quality time with your loved ones while also overindulging in some of your favorite foods like apple pie. To accompany such a magical time of the year, it is important to add a few personal touches to your home to make it warm and inviting for your guests.

Autumn themed centerpieces will dress up the dining table perfectly.

pumpkin vase
Pumpkin Vase
photo credit: Good Housekeeping

the giving tree
The Giving Tree
photo credit: HGTV

Leaf lanterns
Leaf Lanterns
photo credit: Better Homes

Festive Wreaths are a nice way to welcome guests into your home.

Fall Straw Wreath
photo credit: Real Simple

Autumn Wreath
Autumn Wreath
photo credit: Real Simple

Fall Burlap & Pumpkin Wreath
photo credit: How to Nest for Less

And most importantly remember to give thanks. Happy Thanksgiving!









DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween is almost upon us, so let’s get the house ready for those ghouls and goblins. Here are some fun and inexpensive DIY decorating ideas that the whole family can enjoy.

Turn a simple mason jar into a Jack-o-Lantern by covering the outside with colorful crafts paper and adding spooky face cutouts to the front. After the outer decorations have set, place a flameless tea light inside to complete the look.

Mason Jar Jack-o-Lanterns
photo credit: Cute DIY Projects

Another way to dress up a mason jar is by wrapping the entire jar with medical gauze and sticking some funny eyes on the front for a mummified look.

Mummy Jars
photo credits: Cute DIY Projects


Keep Warm Part 2 – DIY Project

My super smart Mum showed me how to make the modern version of a hot water bottle for warming up your bed.  It’s simply a small pillowcase-like fabric pouch that you fill with rice and sew closed… then microwave it!  You can make it any size you like.  A good size is about 12 inches by 8 inches.  With a sewing machine, you can whip a few of these up in minutes:

1. select fabric and cut to desired size

2. sew up 3 sides

3. fill with rice, add some fragrant dried lavender if desired

4. sew 4th side closed

If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can support other seamstresses by buying one on Etsy: here’s one from AngelasExpressions with a cute Christmas tree pattern.  There are many other options available as well.


I have two of them… I heat them up for 2 to 3 minutes (depends on the strength of your microwave) and put them in bed several minutes before I am going to get in, and then it’s all wonderfully warm when I do.  The rice stays warm for a surprisingly long time too!