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Make Your Bedroom Sleep-Friendly!

photo credit: Down Right
People ought to sleep an average of 7-8 hours everyday. That’s a third of our lifetime in the bedroom! However, getting enough sleep is not always easy for many people. Here are some ways to make your bedroom more sleep-friendly.

1. Clean-Up
De-cluttering your sleep sanctuary can help make the space more calm and relaxing.

2. Make the Room for Sleep Only
Don’t structure your bedroom for multitasking. Make the room sole purpose be a resting space.

3. Dust-Out
Dust can trigger allergens in the body which can prevent a good night’s sleep.

5 Websites for Home Inspiration

The Rainy Pot, strange and cute watering device for your plants. Photo Credit: design-milk. com

4 Men 1 Lady

This is a lifestyle blog run by Michelle, a mother of three living in a beautiful home in Utah. On the blog, Michelle documents various DIY and home improvement projects she currently and has undertaken. There are photo tours of her current and previous residence on the site and scrumptious recipes such as chocolate trifle to take inspiration from and try out.

Design Milk

This website not only features beautiful modern interior design and furniture but also new and interesting design ideas from architecture, fashion and the tech world. Check out this article on a strange and cute watering device.

the picket fence projects

This blog is run by a first time homeowner in very old(1860) New England home. On the site, Caitlin documents her various projects such as giving a stool a makeover and making DIY coasters and homemade mod podge. Just like 4 Men 1 Lady, there are plenty of detailed and close-up pictures for you to peruse and spark interior inspiration of your own!


The largest collection of  interior design and decorating ideas on the internet, the site features Ideabooks, user-made photosets, and articles about various topics on interior design. There are hours worth of photos visitor can browse and a photo for almost any interior design project you can think of.  Check out this article on creating a morning nook, a morning refresher space.

desire to inspire

This  website is run by two self-proclaimed “interior design junkies,”  one lives in Australia and the other from Canada. Kim and Jo were brought together by their love of interior design. There site features individual pages for each blogger, allowing visitors to follow each blogger separately and see through different perspectives.

Throws: Perfect Anywhere!

Besides being a lovely item to snuggle up to and keep cozy when away from your bed, a throw can be a great stylish addition to any room!
Check out these awesome ideas:

Monelle Totah's Bedroom Throw

The warm sunlight reflects upon this throw creating the perfect silvery touch! Photo Credit: Simon Upton from

Wingback chair with throw

A neat take on incorporating a throw to any living room chair.
Photo Credit: Michelle Rasmussen,

Draper Stripe Throw by Dwell Studio

Create a cool, clean feel with this Draper Stripe Throw by Dwell Studio.

The Peacock Room

We recently stumbled upon this beautiful piece of art and architectual design created by Thomas Jeckyll

The Peacock Room by Thomas Jeckyll

The Peacock Room by Thomas Jeckyll Photo Credit:


Peacocks just add a lovely dash of elegance to one’s home.

Peacock Pillow by Dwell Studio

Peacock Pillow by Dwell Studio

Stripes! Stripes! Stripes!

We are just obsessed with stripes right now! From a warm and cozy guest room to a sleek, modern bedroom, stripes are the perfect fit!

A Beautiful Guest Room Makeover! Photo Credit:

Get a similar look with the Draper Strip Throw by Dwell Studio and the Graphic Stripe Duvet Cover.

A Sleek, Modern Look with Stripes. Photo Credit: Satinbettwäsche from

Check out these bold striped sheets from Dwell Studio!

The comfy 300-thread count Drape Stripe Sheets from!